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We believe in fair, transparent
 pricing with no surprises.

We’re excited to introduce pricing transparency to research services. Our interactive calculator is under construction and coming soon.

Our pricing is in line with what you’re paying now for qualitative research, but you’ll get a whole lot more. The cost will be the sum of the Research Price + Variable Expenses as detailed below:

Research Price

Our process allows us to accurately quote research projects based on number of research days. This is the baseline cost that you’ll be able to figure out yourself using our online calculator (coming soon!)


Variable Expenses

Transcription options:

  • No transcription (no fee)
  • Machine transcription
  • Human transcriptionist

Recruiting costs, based on:

  • Participant targeting specifics
  • Number of participants
  • Value of participant incentive

And for virtual sessions:

  • No travel costs
  • No facility rental fees

Please contact us for a quote and we can quickly give you the Research Price right over the phone.

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