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My organization has a preferred (or in-house) moderator. Can we use Research Anywhere’s platform for our research project?

Yes! And you’d save money too. Your resource would just need a quick training on our team’s process, but we’re happy to onboard them at no charge.

We want to run a virtual qualitative research project, but we don’t need a report-out. The experience itself is what we want to share with our stakeholders, to get a quick read on something. Doable?

Yes! And you’d save money too.

I’m an independent researcher. Can I use the Research Anywhere platform for my existing clients?

Yes! You’d need a little training on our team’s process, but we’re happy to onboard you at no charge.

Can you conduct any quantitative research to support the qualitative experience?

Yes! Our research team can absolutely handle quant, but it requires a custom quote. Contact us today!

We’re conducting an in-person research project. Can we still work with Research Anywhere?

Yes! Capturing research in-person is how we first started. We travel with small video gear that far exceeds the quality of what hangs from the ceiling at a traditional research facility. After the engagement, we follow the same two-week process to deliver our Insights & Action Report. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Can we get transcripts of all the sessions?

Yes! A human transcriptionist would be an add-on expense, but machine-transcribed transcripts are available at no charge.

I have a question not answered here. Can I contact you?

Of course! Contact us today!

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