Yes – we’re doing
things differently.

A superior research experience delivers higher-quality insights.
 Here’s how Research Anywhere is unique…

Tech check

Before you see any participants, our live participant coordinator makes sure their camera placement, volume and internet connection are just right.

Skip the small talk

Each research session is like a live TV show—you skip the tech checks, warmups and intros and only tune in during the core research. This gives you significant breaks in the day while the process moves forward behind the scenes.

Onscreen graphics

Throughout the live virtual production, onscreen graphics display key participant details. You decide what information appears onscreen and in our edited video highlight reels. The participants don’t see the graphics, only you do.

Better collaboration and moderation

Our Researcher and Moderator are different people with a direct line to each other. The Researcher collaborates with you in the Virtual Observation Suite. The Moderator focuses on leading the research conversation and probing for the most valuable insights.

Virtual Observation Suite

Our platform recreates the back room experience of a traditional research facility. Just like being behind a two-way mirror, you can collaborate directly with your colleagues and our Researcher. The link to the Suite conveniently stays the same all day, so you can pop in and out as your schedule allows.

Better participant experience

More comfortable participants lead to deeper insight generation—that’s why, on our platform, they never know how many people are watching. We also limit sessions to 1–4 participants to ensure the quality of the conversation.

Engaged floaters

Extra participants follow along behind the scenes, rather than being paid and sent on their way. They can be swapped in mid-session to offer additional perspectives if needed.

Insights & Action Report

You’ll get a report that pairs learnings with video highlights, plus recommended next steps. It’s client-branded and fully-editable, so you can socialize it immediately. Learn more about our Insights & Action Report.


Quick turn-around

Your Insights & Action Report is delivered two weeks after the final research session, so you can take action before the findings are obsolete.

Collaboration made easy

You can chat with your team and our Researcher in the Virtual Observation Suite and leave time-stamped tags on key responses.

Client privacy

Participants will never see your name, your chat, or know how many people are observing.

Design support

We have graphic designers on staff who can help develop or edit your visual research stimuli.

Easy-to-share stimuli

On our platform, there’s no need to upload files beforehand. The Moderator can share, mark up and edit stimuli right from their computer during the sessions.

No subscription to buy

All Research Anywhere work is billed per-project. There are no monthly or annual licensing commitments.

No proprietary software

As long as you have Zoom, you don’t need to buy, download or install any additional software. We developed our platform to work within Zoom because it’s the most stable and adaptable across devices.

Create buy-in with key stakeholders, inform decisions and test assumptions with Research Anywhere. Let’s talk.

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